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Of three departments to accelerate the several opinions of graphene industry innovation and developm

Dtae: 2016-02-17
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    Provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government and cities under separate state planning, sinkiang production and construction corps department in charge of industry and information technology, development and reform, science and technology:
Driven development strategy in order to speed up the implementation of innovation, under the state council to carry out the "twelfth five-year" national strategic emerging industry development planning ", "made in China 2025", the implementation of the ministry of industry and information technology, the new material industry "twelfth five-year" development planning ", national development and reform commission and other departments issued by the 3 key material upgrade project implementation plan, guide the graphene industry innovation and development, the booster transform and upgrade traditional industry and support the emerging industries, led industry upgrading, now put forward the following opinions:

   One、seize the opportunity to foster stronger graphene industry

    Graphene is in such aspects as light, electricity, heat, Rio has excellent performance, the most potential applications, which can be widely in the service of economic and social development of new materials.In energy equipment, transportation, aerospace, Marine engineering equipment, and other products has a good application prospect.Graphene industry of driving the technological progress of related downstream industries, promote innovation ability, to speed up the transformation and upgrading, activate the potential consumption, etc., have important practical significance.
And application of graphene materials in a independent system research and development, production technology, equipment and the quality of the product made significant breakthrough, in energy storage devices, modified materials, the application of intelligent apparel products such as effect appeared gradually, industrialization trend gratifying, multiple industry innovation demonstration zone with the characteristic of graphene have dew, speeding up the pace of industrialization.At present, our country graphene materials are in a critical period of from the laboratory to industrialization.
    But the graphene material production technology is not high, the maturity of industrialization application of long path and other factors, mass production and application of graphene materials in our country has not yet been fully implemented, there are technical transformation ability weak, tooling low control precision, large fluctuations in the quality performance, the production cost is higher, the standardized construction lag, business problems such as narrow application field.Therefore, the rapid development in our country, new materials, high-end equipment, the process of manufacturing by the big teams, to be the prominent problems in graphene market development as the guidance, to end product demand for traction, take the "through-train" mode to build a complete industrial chain, the chain, cluster innovation elements around the industrial chain, strengthen the upstream and downstream of collaborative innovation, to improve the comprehensive performance of graphene materials and its application products, promote the industrialization of graphene is the first time application, speed up the cultivation and growing graphene industry.

    SecondThe graphene industry into a leading industry

    (One) the overall goals
Fully implement the party's eighteen big eighteen class 3, 4, and fifth plenary session of the spirit, adhere to the innovation drive and civil-military integration development, problem oriented, with demand for traction, driven by innovation, focus on high quality graphene material stable production, focus on graphene material standardization, seriation and low cost, and strive to build the graphene materials demonstrate application of the industrial chain, focus on the guide of graphene materials production concentration, speed up the process of large-scale application, promote graphene industry bigger and stronger.
By 2018, graphene materials preparation, application development, terminal application key links such as the benign interaction of industry system basic establishment, product standards and technical specifications of basic perfect, developed more than hundreds of practical technology and samples, to promote a batch of industry demonstration projects, and realize the stable production of graphene materials, on the part of the industrial products and consumer goods of the people's livelihood of industrialization application.
To 2020, forming perfect graphene industry system, realize the graphene material standardization, seriation and low cost, and set up a number of innovation platform, with the characteristic of graphene to master a number of core technology, realize large-scale application in many fields.To form a number of graphene enterprises with core competitiveness, built for graphene characteristic new industrialization industry demonstration base.

   (Two) the basic principles
Adhere to the enterprise the main body, policy guidance.Plays a decisive role in the allocation of resources, activate market main body, improve resource distribution efficiency, play a role of relevant national special and industrial policies to guide, create a good environment for development, to accelerate the process of industrialization of achievement of graphene materials research.
Insist on innovation drive, a typical example.With innovative technology, and business models, benefit-sharing, risk-sharing, benefit community building industry development, in order to realize the industrialization application for bibcock, application technology, forms and restricting the industrialization in the obstacle of the business model, accelerate the demonstration application.
Adhere to the demand of traction, technology driven.Around the national major projects and strategic emerging industry development needs, and promote the longitudinal graphene industry chain extension, deepening cooperation "production", based on the quality, and the authors efficiency and synergy to carry out the production and application technology research, perfect the system of graphene industry continue to develop innovation.

   Third, promote the industry development the key technology innovation

   (One) common key technology breakthrough scale preparation of graphene materials.Around graphene material volume and the preparation of various functional materials based on graphene preparation of key technologies, leading backbone enterprises to join hands in the colleges and universities, research institutes, the collaborative development scale preparation technology, promote the development of the core technology and key equipment synchronization, enhance the level of industrialization and realize the graphene layer number, size and surface functional groups such as the effective control of key parameters, improve the process stability of large-scale preparation of graphene materials, performance, consistency, product qualified rate, reduce the cost.
    (Two) to strengthen the construction of the intellectual property system.Encourage enterprises and colleges and universities, research institutes, such as intellectual property agency, synergy in graphene industry key technology using intellectual property protection system construction, improve quality and quantity of patents, published regularly graphene industry patent situation, establish the graphene intellectual property operation platform, improve the mechanism of the intellectual property transaction and protection, promote efficient use of intellectual property right.
    (three) the building industry development service platform.Relying on existing resources, the industrial development of graphene required public research and development, technology transfer, the examination and the information exchange platform, such as establishing open graphene materials and device performance parameters of the database.Guide joint downstream users graphene materials production enterprises, relevant scientific research institutes, around graphene products production and performance evaluation, set up a cooperative development mechanism.

   Fourth, giving impetus to industrialized operation of the first time to demonstrate the application

    (One) key technology innovation graphene material industrialization application.Active use of graphene materials to improve the comprehensive performance and ratio of traditional products.Advance of graphene materials in the application of the new product.Developing large graphene membrane preparation equipment and graphene materials special testing instruments.Focus on using graphene modified energy storage device, functional coatings, modification of rubber, thermal products and materials used for the field of environmental and health function of production technology, based on graphene material sensor, touch device, the preparation technology of electronic components and other products.
    (Two) to carry out the terminal application product demonstration promotion.Surrounding the development of emerging industry and modern consumer needs, targeting high-end equipment manufacturing, new energy and new energy vehicles, a new generation of display devices, intelligent leisure fitness and so on, to build the graphene products demonstration application promotion chain, promote the development and production of graphene materials, application development and performance evaluation, interactive, improve cost-effective, demonstrated and using graphene production of energy storage materials, conductive materials and thermal conductive materials, functional coatings, composite materials, optoelectronic microelectronic materials and environmental governance and medical diagnosis and treatment with new materials.
    (Three) promote the development of military and civilian integration.Graphene materials applied in the field of national defense science and technology, build and mouth around graphene material application development scientific research institution cooperation mechanism, promote technology, information resource sharing, promoting the interaction of elements such as professional talents, infrastructure.Play a role of civil-military integration platform of public service, and swap dual-use technology, with the help of civil-military integration construction to the characteristics of new industrialization industry demonstration base, promote civil-military integration promote graphene industry level.

    Five, promote the green industry, circulation, low carbon development

     (One) growing graphene materials manufacturing scale.To speed up the graphene materials production scale, flexibility, intelligent, green.New graphene material production line, in principle, to enter the chemical industrial park, conform to the chemical park environmental protection requirements and park planning eia requirements, powder production line device size not less than 10 tons/year, thin film production line can continuous automatic roll over.Encourage graphene powder preparation and organic combination of natural graphite resources development.
    (Two) promote the development of industrial agglomeration.Encourage graphene materials production enterprises such as capital, technology, brand, improve production concentration in the field of material preparation.Support small and medium-sized enterprises (smes) play its specialization, "new" advantages, use of graphene materials to develop marketable new technologies, new products, new materials, new equipment, application support to carry out various forms of innovation, entrepreneurship, graphene materials industry cluster development, the formation of aggregate benefit, build industry demonstration base.
    (Three) realize green growth industries.Optimization of graphene materials production technology, perfect production equipment, encourage energy saving product promotion choose accord with energy efficiency grade 1 or catalogue of products and equipment.Development of graphene materials clean production technology, to implement circular production mode, realizing graphene material production process of waste comprehensive utilization and discharging standard.Promote intelligent production, strengthen the pollutant emissions and energy consumption of graphene materials production, management of material consumptions, graphene material biological safety study, promote the development of green industry.
Six, push to expand application field
    (One) actively serve the national key project construction.Based on unique properties, graphene materials for aerospace, weapons and equipment, major infrastructure required for the performance of the product requirements, collaborative research and demonstration function complete, good reliability, optimal ratio of all kinds of new type of graphene application products.To speed up the anticorrosion coating in Marine engineering equipment, port reef facilities such as popularization and application.
    (Two) of the new industrial field application.Focus around the paint, resin, rubber, battery materials in existing product performance improvement, new energy, new energy vehicles, energy conservation, environmental protection, electronic information and other fields needed for new products, guide the graphene materials production, application products manufacturing enterprises and end users inter-trade joint, collaborative development using graphene materials applicable and reasonable cost of graphene application products, and according to the terminal application need to continue to improve the ratio of graphene materials, cultivating and expanding the application of graphene products in the industry market.
    (Three) to improve service ability of the people's livelihood.Development based on graphene films, graphene wear of the functional fiber products, meet the demand of multi-function of intelligent leisure fitness products.To speed up the development of graphene heating device, promote efficient heating system based on graphene demonstration project construction and application promotion, raise the level of building energy efficiency.Innovation graphene products in safety, health and environmental governance in the field of application, better meet the economic and social development.

   Seven, safeguard measures
    (One) to increase policy support.Combining innovation driven development strategy, as a whole all kinds of resources, stimulate the market main body enthusiasm, support enterprises around graphene industry development, preparation of graphene materials key technology and equipment research and development efforts, encourage technology, forms and business model of collaborative innovation, communication to cultivate professional talents, develop high-end varieties, improve quality performance, organize the implementation of major application demonstration project.
    (Two) to strengthen the investment and financing.Engage all kinds of capital in graphene and high-end enterprise equity m&a project development.Encourage conditional area to set up special funds for industrial development.Support production integrating innovation based on build a complete industrial chain, hand in hand with a view to the popularization and application of the end products and mutually beneficial cooperation financing mode.Study builds graphene products the first time to demonstrate the application of risk compensation mechanism, encourage the industrialization application of graphene.
    (Three) the perfect standard system.Establish suitable for the characteristics of China's industry and in line with international standards of graphene standard system, in accordance with the principle of classification guidance, as soon as possible, improve the terms of graphene materials, products, methods, and the production process of pollutants emission standards, such as standard as a whole new frontier research in advance, encourages to develop advanced standards of the enterprise or group.The study of graphene materials certification technical requirements.
    (Four) strengthen the industry management and service.To guide a graphene industry alliance, the perfect graphene industry operation monitoring, early warning mechanism.Give play to the role of third party agencies, publishing industry development dynamic information, to prevent blind investment and low-level redundant construction, organization to promote energy conservation and emissions reduction, safety in production, such as generic technology, strengthen international cooperation and communication, and explore relevant product certification, prevent improper competition and false propaganda, strengthen self-discipline, maintain the market order.
Around the department in charge of industry and information technology, development and reform, science and technology according to the actual local graphene industry development, strengthen overall coordination and implementation supervision, adjust measures to local conditions to formulate related policies and measures to stimulate the market main body innovation vigor, actively guide and assist the upstream and downstream enterprises through the industrial chain, guiding the construction, and apply to work for the protection of intellectual property, promote the sustained and healthy development of industry of graphene.
The ministry of industry and information technology development and reform committee, ministry of science and technology
On November 20, 2015

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