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Chinese scientists developed the graphene batteries?To see the original science magazine exactly how

Dtae: 2016-02-18
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    The first electric network 】 【 (contributing authors Li Haochen) over the years, I believe many people have seen a lot about the news that the graphene: "can't tesla: graphene battery 8 minutes can run 1000 km", "graphene charging just 5 seconds", "south Korean invention graphene batteries, electric vehicle charging only 16 seconds"...The latest news "Chinese scientists have developed the graphene super battery charge: 7 seconds range 35 km", to mark the part of the contents, simply make a comment.
    18, the reporter learns from Chinese academy of sciences Shanghai silicate, which scientists have developed a high-performance super capacitor electrode materials - nitrogen doping ordered mesoporous graphene.The material has excellent electrochemical energy storage characteristics, can be used as a "super battery of electric vehicles, charging only seven seconds, 35 km range.Related research results have been published on the 18th in the world's top science periodicals.The super capacitor, is a kind of between traditional capacitor and battery electrochemical energy storage device.Because of the high power density, long cycle life, safe and reliable, has been widely used in hybrid electric vehicles, high-power output devices, and other fields.How to make the super capacitor with high power, high energy, scientists didn't find the ideal material for a long time.For solving this difficult problem, Shanghai silicate jointly by Beijing university of Chinese academy of sciences, continuing research at the university of Pennsylvania.Yellow prosperous team finally found that graphene is the best choice of the super capacitor electrode.Through trial and error, the design, synthesis, yellow rich and strong research team found that nitrogen doping of ordered mesoporous graphene is the best performance.Not only can realize high energy density, high power density, but also through the use of aqueous electrolyte, non-toxic, environmental protection, low cost, safe and reliable.According to introducing, this new type of graphene supercapacitor light volume, not flammable and explosive, can use low-cost preparation, realize the scale production.Due to performance than lead acid, nickel metal hydride batteries have a clear competitive advantage, and in terms of rapid inflation and is much better than the lithium battery, so the super battery can be widely used in hybrid electric vehicles, power output equipment upgrades.
First published in the journal science, the paper, titled "Nitrogen - doped mesoporous carbon of extraordinary capacitance for electrochemical energy storage", translated roughly means high capacitance Nitrogen doped mesoporous carbon in the application of electrochemical energy storage.Although Nitrogen - doped, namely Nitrogen doping but made no mention of graphene graphene.After reading the full text will find research materials are ordered mesoporous carbon, namely the ordered mesoporous carbon is not a graphene.

    Second, under the condition of the super capacitor is given definition, this article about the super capacitor materials under reporter called the battery.In the whole thesis writes data is more capacitance, can store and so on.Such as the material in the aqueous electrolyte capacitor is 855 F/g, is much better than the general super capacitor.Storage ratio can reach 41 Wh/kg (19.5 Wh/L), with lead-acid batteries.Did not appear any about charging only seven seconds, however, can be the content of the range of 35 km.
    In the end, when it comes to the process of the material.Need to adopt SiO2 template, CVD (chemical vapor deposition) process and equipment, hydrofluoric acid and nitric acid.The material in the lab, process cost is not low, hydrofluoric acid and nitric acid as well as dangerous.Especially in the large-scale industrial production in any link to see when is non-toxic, environmental protection, low cost, safe and reliable.As for the "low cost manufacturing, can be used to realize scale production" where to, mentioned "by combining chemical vapor deposition with a sol - gel process of inexpensive, environmentally friendly", only sol gel method combined with chemical vapor deposition relative preparation of economy and environment friendly.
    This paper can be published in science, showing the academic level of the field.But from the laboratory to industrial production, the process requires a lot of time.The 2015 global graphene industry research report, China is not only the end of 2012 research papers published the number of graphene is among the world's first, and nearly three years the number of patents rapid rise the first place, just paper quality innovation needs to be improved.In terms of current China's domestic, I noticed that the phenomenon is a lot of the media hype is greater than the researchers behind the solid scientific research.Such news also many, for example, "the development of new super battery charging a few seconds, graphene stocks benefited from", "graphene battery run 1000 kilometers, 10 minutes seven stocks will spurt", "electric vehicle charging as long as a minute? Graphene back stocks".
The world is changing, the development in science.Technology of diversity means the seemingly impossible things become possible in the future.Personal and not first graphene future prospects in the field of battery jump to conclusions, but make some media reporters in the present stage of scientific reports to objective, don't see the wind is the rain, the exaggeration.Do some homework before reports, make the news more truthful and accurate.Similar incidents occur repeatedly means of popular science in our country there are many way to go, the relevant personnel and the general public scientific literacy also needs to improve, avoid make believe "dhmo extensive use in China are devastating consequences," jokes.

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