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Electric enterprises faced with a choice between the four 2016, your company go that way?

Dtae: 2016-02-13
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    2016 electric vehicle market is full of many many uncertain factors, but one thing is certain, the macroeconomic situation is still not optimistic, especially after a large number of low-end manufacturing outsourcing in China, the legacy of the labor force unemployment will emerge;Digest the labor of manufacturing industry, because of serious overcapacity and become depressed.Prosperity for nearly 20 years of electric vehicle industry, continue to increase in ownership, excess capacity and under the premise of environment economy overlap, inflection point has been increased from the year before, off sales collapse type of decline this year, to 2016 years of electric vehicle industry development has brought many variables, also made into all business situation faced by the enterprise in the industry has become more complicated.In 2016, for all enterprises in the electric car industry is unable to avoid the following four problems:




    Expansion or contraction?For all the electric enterprise is expansion or contraction next year is a big choice is unable to avoid.If the expansion will be faced with the product market sales pressure;If enterprise scale contraction, other companies will creep in, will take your market.Next year, the market competition will become abnormal, so fierce, the competition between brands from non-aggression to positive, formed the market state of stalemate, the competition between the enterprises of overlap, cross state will be more obvious.

    Transformation or stick?Electric enterprises which focus on products of next year, I'm afraid many enterprises in the mind has no bottom, the reason is that the market change in imperceptible in, the simple model of sales this year "Waterloo" whether "flip" appeared in the next year?Power device is in the next year to continue maintaining the momentum of relatively popular, all this will make enterprises struggle.More let the heart of the enterprise is difficult to smooth is: the electric tricycle and electric motorcycle; still maintained high rise, let the electric two-wheelers whether companies to enter or has already entered into business investment to expand the scale, improve the technological level, a bigger limit promotion and so on.However, electric two-wheelers enterprises transition to the electric tricycle, or electric tricycle enterprises into the "winner-take-all" electric two-wheelers markets, is not an easy thing.While adding a wheel or minus a wheel manufacturing may seem easy, but there are a lot of real involved in learning and exquisite.Now, electric two-wheelers enterprises into the electric tricycle industry obtain satisfactory harvest is afraid is rare;And the electric tricycle into electric two-wheelers industry almost no success.Transformation and stick to the industry is a big test for enterprises.




    Low end or high end?Electric enterprise almost all gain economies of scale in the low end of the price war, but because of small profit or no profit enterprise, enterprise make money effect is becoming more and more difficult.Is inevitably lead to low-end products product, manufacturing process and technology of the homogeneity of low end.Enterprise must change this ending next year?It seems is not an easy thing.At present, the electric car industry in China no more than 90% of the enterprise technology research and development investment, eat supporting enterprise, set of parts suppliers phenomenon becomes the norm.Many automobile enterprise have to plan to go high-end line, but how high?Not spend a lot of money to do big advertising can make the into a high-end products, but to the accumulation of long-term spot.High-end in essence is the enterprise brand management, research and development, technology, market operation comprehensive accumulation, transformation from quantity to quality.Now enterprises to profit, takes high-end course is the inevitable trend, but how to get confused, but also a normalized and habits of thinking to break.

    Domestic or abroad?Export market in 2015, has brought many without export enterprise "jealous" phenomenon.But exports actually do?Some companies want to try.To be sure, the export of electric vehicles for the enterprise is a kind of practice accumulation, if the products do not need, or dead heart of this article.Can now tell export enterprise to want to do: doing export market, has not been popular, but a choppy, already is not the blue ocean, but rather a piece of the red sea, the degree of competition incentive even more than domestic sales.

    Next year's electric car no matter how fierce and brutal, insist to do one thing: do fine products, good services, cost control, continuous innovation.Mainland China for such a big market, don't give up easily, don't put more tricky.Good product to make the enterprise vitality.

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