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GNEV feature | cross 1% in November, before the new energy automobile production accounted for the o

Dtae: 2016-02-06
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    National "863" plan to energy saving and new energy automobile major project group leader ming-gao ouyang has said that the development of new energy automotive industry needs to go through three stages: the gestation period, the industrial period, industry growth.And the new energy vehicles industry standards by the end of the period is the electric car market accounted for about 1% of the cars, the estimated this year can achieve it.Consider "1%" in addition, the international community at the early stage of the new energy automobile development an inflection point, once above 1%, the proportion of new energy vehicles will usher in a new stage of rapid growth.【 project | new energy automobile production and marketing analysis: in November for the month of record 70000 records, will break 350000 】 all the year round
    According to motor vehicle factory certification, November 1 - new energy vehicles this year accumulative total production of 279200 units, accounting for 1.26% of the cumulative yield than the whole market.Sales aspect, according to the RGL agreement data statistics, this year in October 1 - new energy accumulative total sales of 171145 cars, has accounted for 0.88% of total market sales.(in "to redefine the car, the new technologies and new ecological" as the theme of the sixth global new energy automobile assembly (GNEV6), will be to change the picture and the path. Come and click sign up to attend)



    And conventional cars, according to the China association of automobile manufacturers, November 1 - traditional car accumulative total production and sales of 21.8239 million and 21.7866 million, up 1.80% and 3.34%, slower than 1-1.78% and 1.78% in October.




    We can see from the monthly output charts, before November this year new energy vehicles and the traditional production car market approximation, especially since July, for four months to achieve different amplitude of growth.The difference is that while the new energy automobile production base in the initial period of development is relatively less traditional car, but it has very strong growth performance.





    Car companies to see, before November new energy automobile production accumulated over the car companies has seven: byd, geely, zhongtai, yutong, Beijing auto, dongfeng, saic, accounting for 63% of the total output.Among them, mainly passenger cars byd, geely two car companies production reached 96000, accounting for 35% of the new energy production.


5 (2).png


Top of byd, cumulative production of 50300 vehicles in November before, among them, the plug-in passenger car production to 39800 vehicles, accounted for 79% of total production of the car companies, pure electric passenger car production of 8183 units, accounted for 16%, pure electric bus, pure electric vehicle production of 2144 and 197, respectively accounted for 4% and 1%.
Plug-in passenger car field, as a new energy sector one of the few suvs, byd don, only listed sales have more than qin for 3 months, 6 months as a new "engine" byd, accumulative total sales of nearly all vehicles.Capacity under the condition of limited capacity, byd will have begun to tilt, tang tang as byd's main models, carrying three qing all-wheel-drive dual-mode technology, hundreds of kilometers to accelerate the advantages of the 4.9 seconds to impress the market favor.While byd qin accumulative total sales of 28400 units, and still is the largest market share of new energy vehicles.Pure electric vehicles, byd e6 and potential room belongs to the main models, and the upcoming qin EV will also gradually widening of byd pure electric passenger car market share.


5 (1).png

Came in second in the geely production accumulative total of 46000 vehicles, pure electric passenger car field, geely dominance, from more than 5000 jumped to 10 September, November over two consecutive levels, two consecutive pure electric passenger car nearly 50% of total output.Geely's main models mainly include beans series, condi models.Main "bus" conti in the field of electric vehicles, after more than two years of development, has been in hangzhou on the more than 16000 vehicles, extended to Shanghai, nanjing, wuhan, chengdu, guangzhou, kunming, changsha and other 10 cities to carry out commissioning.
    Know beans brand focus on miniaturization, lightweight product line, its D1, D2, after two models subsidies for less than 50000 yuan.Know beans mainly in the field of private consumption, electric car market in the field of leasing, the official also have.
All ranked third, before November the cumulative production of 23000 units.Its main models for the Thai cloud 100, carrying the ternary lithium batteries, top speed of 80 km/h, the range of 155 km.


    Predominantly new energy bus yutong ranked fourth, is the only company production of thousands of new energy bus car companies, cumulative production of 18000 vehicles in November before, among them, the pure electric vehicles occupy 72% of total production of the car companies, plug-in cars accounted for 28%.In pure electric passenger cars automakers, 6-8 m vehicles cumulative production nearly all vehicles, accounted for nearly 80%, the rest of the 10 m cars accounted for only 20%.Its three main pure electric passenger car E6, E7 and E10, strong market performance, makes it in the pure electric passenger car market share of more than 20%.



Before November to cumulative output ranked fifth in the 16600 vehicles in Beijing, its pure electric passenger car models production including EV160, EV200, accumulative total 15600, accounted for 94%.Pure electric vehicle logistics Beijing auto power output of 307 cars, 1024, accounting for 6% of Beijing auto production.In addition, the models, in November this year, Beijing auto's first grade A pure electric cars EU260 appearance and open the book, with A comprehensive range of 260 km, subsidies after carry out since about 146900.
Taken together, the new energy automotive industry this year will end its early, preparation for entry into the industry growth period.From the ministry of industry data showed, at the end of last year from November capacity begins to release new energy cars, year-on-year increase of 71%;December is created last year, the highest peak of monthly production, production of nearly three times in November.In the rest of this year in December, the monthly production is expected to hit a new high, the year is expected to achieve 350000.





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