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    • Electrical engineer
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    • Songjiang Shanghai center road 1158 12th floor
    • 2016 - 02 - 27

    1, product electrical design: including electrical drawing, electrical components selection, etc.;
    Part 2, electrical outsourcing supplier evaluation, as well as outsourcing some technology introduction and transformation;
    3, solve the technical problems and estimate the cost and time;
    4, the prototype test, field test and processing electrical failure, product improvement measures are put forward.
    5, and determine the final product or system, and prepare production documents, manual and other related documents;
    6, monitoring products use in order to improve the future design. 
    1, electrical control or industrial automation professional bachelor degree or above;
    2, 3 years experience in hardware circuit design and production;
    3, PCB drawing software operation skill;
    4, beginning ability is strong, able to work independently;
    5, has the strong sense of responsibility, good team cooperation ability, communication skills, humility, steadfast..

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